For some time now I have been going through a specific sanctification process which has blessed me in many ways.  My desire to know God more through his Word has continued to renew my mind and transform my walk. As a new believer who had truly repented of my sins and placed my faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ I was convinced of my salvation. That being said I have come to understand that as a new believer we are very vulnerable to being led astray by false doctrine. I am not stating that one can lose their salvation, but I have come to find out through my own experience that one can definitely suffer many setbacks along the way due to false teaching.  The false teaching which infiltrated my early Christian life was that of the prosperity gospel mixed with the "Word of Faith" movement. In many cases throughout Christendom this subject has become a total heresy and the preaching of a different Jesus then the Jesus of the Bible. Let me say that I truly believe that many of my early mentors were not heretics but I do believe were in error doctrinally in regards to many of these issues. Through my own studies of the Word and from solid Bible teaching outside of my first local church I was fortunate enough to see the error and distance myself from this teaching.
     The other area where God has continued to sanctify my walk pertains to a Christians role in the culture war. Simply stated I have come to believe that to much emphasis has been placed on the culture war rather then pouring our efforts into the spreading of "The Gospel"!  Don't get me wrong, I will always stand against the homosexual agenda, fight the killing of the unborn, and favor limited government over socialism, although these cannot usurp our God given mandate of taking the Gospel message to the uttermost parts of the earth. When a person truly repents of their sin, trusts Christ for their salvation, and comes along side a solid Bible teaching church these culture war issues should fall in line with a Biblical worldview.
     I say all this to place an addendum on any of my work within this blog that may mistakenly portray any of the false teaching that was integrated into my early Christian walk.  I stand behind much if not all my work that is represented here but over the years I may have brought viewpoints into play which would contradict what I believe the Word of God says concerning these issues I have outlined. I sincerely apologize if anyone over the years of reading this blog has been confused in these specific areas and I would hope that you would forgive me. is still going strong and by Gods grace I will continue to grow in sanctification and share the "Good News"!


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